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IELTS Centre

The Academic and General Training version is usually taken by those wishing to study, work or get training for their jobs in an English-speaking country. This exam is also taken by those wishing to migrate to an English-speaking county such as Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK or other countries. By taking an IELTS test, you will receive a test report that is recognized and accepted by thousands of institutions around the world, including international universities, colleges, companies, professional bodies and government agencies.

Student Visa

A visa is a clear cut entry, which gives permission to a student to enter into a foreign country for study purposes. Entities require a Student Visa or Student Pass to enter into a foreign nation for the purpose of the study. The high visa success rate that we provide can help numerous Indian students to enter the universities or colleges of their choice across the Globe every year. Our students are able to make the right decisions, and set themselves up for success in their academic efforts. Our team of experts assists students with each and every required procedure to ensure every student secures their study visa. HARSUKH STUDY VISA & IMMIGRATION provide in depth personal guidance to help you in choosing the right course in the universities/colleges according to your profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest.

Tourist Visa

The world is a beautiful place. It could be traveling to a new country to experience a new culture, or to explore nature, it could be enjoying sights of scenic historic events to visit members of your family who live abroad, or even to try your luck of finding a work through, traveling plays a vital role. And in order to travel, the first step is to know regarding the travel documents or visa approval of the foreign country one wishes to travel. Whether it is a trip to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe or any other country, you can enjoy many things over your tourist’s visa.

Immigrate Visa

Harsukh Study Visa & Immigration is a professional who works to assist those applying for Canadian, Australian or other countries visas or citizenship. A registered migration agent is a professional who can use their expertise to ensure that your visa or citizenship application process proceeds as smoothly as possible. You can fill out most immigration forms yourself, but worrying about the quality of your response and tight deadlines can be stressful. We can complete these forms and file them for you, while keeping you up to speed on every step of the process. We guarantee our clients honest, unambiguous advice, prompt communication, and an upfront attitude about fees. Our agency covers all types of immigration, from student visas, travel visas to work visas to applications for citizenship. Our immigration consultants understand just how important the immigration process is for our clients. Customer service and communication are key parts of our business.