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Harsukh Study Visa & Immigration

Mr. Mohan Singh, director of the company, took voluntary retirement from the police department as a Sub Inspector (Punjab Police). His main aim to do so was to sensitize and create awareness regarding the duping of people (seeking to go abroad) by fraud immigration companies. He started off by opening his first branch in Mohali, dealing with immigration consultancy and IELTS training. Approved by Government of Punjab, Licence no. 176/IC.

We hold a keen interest in social work. Mr. Mohan Singh also runs an N.G.O HARSUKH SEWA SOCIETY. We organize educational seminars in schools and other educational institutions to help students find their path to success.

The main aim of our company is to deal with genuine students who want to move abroad for further studies. Harsukh promises its clients complete transparency in the immigration process. We value our clients’ hard-earned money and the sense of trust, to let their future in our hands. Therefore we assure the best immigration service to all our customers.

We keep your ambition, academic credentials & work background in mind and counsel you accordingly; we help you choose a course which suits your interest and educational background. Next step is to apply to the selected Universities/Colleges. We assist you with filling of application forms, guidance in preparation of Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose. Along with the application we also send our recommendation letter to the University/College highlighting the strengths of the student and why he/she should be admitted. The admission tutor considers this letter in their decision making. We keep a proper follow up with the Universities/Colleges ensuring quick response. We are proud to have a very professional and multitalented staff of ICCRC-CRCIC in Canada. They keep eye in each case.

Our Mission

We aspire to create outstanding organisations that promote educational excellence, character development and service to communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is wide-ranging. It encompasses aspiration, educational excellence, system leadership, social mobility and cohesion.

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